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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Prayer Request Dec. 20, 2011

"Behold I bring you news of great Joy ……" May the news of Christ's birth bring joy to you and your family this Christmas season.
      Irv's sister Jean is in the hospital, chest pain. Pray for God's healing
      Regina  has health problems
      Kelsee has stomach problems  
Pray for those who are in recovery. This time of year seams to be a little bit harder than others. Pray that God will keep them strong.
      Cheryl and Justin renew their commitment with Christ.
Parental Guidance
      Bailey's  mom and dad are having  marriage problems. Pray that God would intervene.

…… for unto you is born this day a savior Christ the Lord."

Friday, December 16, 2011

Prayer Request Dec. 16, 2011

Prayer Request December 15, 2011
Praise Report
      Allen is showing progress as we lift him before the Lord. Prayer is working
      Shelley would like to thank God for blessing He has given to her family Healing
      Cheryl throat cancer
      Ken, Marla, Robert, battling cancer.
      Mary has cancer, pray for healing and her husband and two children.
      Susan batting asthma and cold
      Jan needs healing
      Pat needs a touch from Jesus
      Erika healing in her eyes
      Debbie and weight loss
      Maria abstraction of the liver
      Dale healing of his kidneys
      Teresa heart valve
      Steven healed of bi-polar

Family Blessings
      Dawn would like us to pray God's blessing for her and her family for 2012 Deliverance
      An unnamed family request prayer for their children to be delivered from drugs.
      Jennifer deliverance from witchcraft.
      Loved ones to know the Lord
      Albert would like us to pray for his co-workers to know Jesus
      Inga needs the Lord
      Rodolfo needs to commit his life to Jesus

      Lisa would like prayer for her work environment
      Michael needs to find employment

      Jeff and Laura and their new apartment