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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Prayer Requests

Praise Reports
                Shawn is out of ICU and recovering well.
                Josh is out of the hospital and at home recovering
                Harriet is out of the hospital and doing well

                Christine is recovering from removal of a brain tumor Pray for complete healing
                Howard in the hospital after a stroke
Maria (six years old) is undergoing many test and surgeries for a brain tumor attached to the optic nerves.
Dolly in the hospital for observations

This week we have many family members that need to be lifted before the Lord for salvation. Pray for God to do a mighty work in their lives.
Edith, Tracy and her family, Jim, Joe, Rudy, Judith, Bud and John needs Jesus in his life,
Misc Requests
                Pray for the Lyneis family, Carlyle’s oldest brother passed away on Sunday
                Dolly Dietz trouble breathing,
                Andrew  is autistic  and needs help communicating with others
                Pray for those who are in the military
                Rose is in the process of chemo pray for her and the family
                Sharon has a very large tumor and will be going through a long surgery to remove it
                Debbie due to health issues need to lose weight.
                Several members are struggling with alcoholism pray for God’s deliverance
John for kidneys to function properly
Felicidad workman comp case be approved.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Prayer Requests Feb 7, 2012

“For I am the God that heals you”. Ex 15:26
Harriett in the hospital with heart and lung complications
Josh in the hospital ICU with heart aneurism and blood clot
Sean in the hospital ICU life support pray for healing
Brian in a bicycle accident was not wearing his helmet
Ruth still in hospital with heart related issues

Lee for prostate cancer
Maria waiting results from biopsy pray against what has been spoken by doctors
Claus complications from the Vietnam War
Maria has pancreatic cancer pray for the wisdom for the Doctors and healing
Yolanda needs healing of her lower back
Maria multiple of health issues for the last year

John that he will find favor with the job interview last week

Brittney from drugs

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Prayer Requests - Feb. 1, 2012

How often do you come to the Lord seeking His direction in your life? In Psalm 23 we have the promise that He will lead us beside still waters. In coming before the Lord today ask for His leading, as you pray for each of these needs. 
                Edith: Pray that the Holy Spirit would bring her to a relationship with Him

                Lynn: Recovery from heart surgery
                Lily: Recovery from hip replacement
                Terrie: Recovering from surgery
                Jordan: Recovering from a stroke
                Sandra: She has a rare form of heart cancer pray for healing
                Robert: Needs to locate a job
                Claire: Needs God to open the doors to find job
                Josh: Dealing with diabetes is having trouble finding a job

                Steven: He and his family are struggling with drug addiction pray for deliverance

Weight Loss
                Debbie needs encouragement to lose weight

Cyndi, Taylor, Terri, Sarah, Natalie, Chrystal all have problems with alcoholism pray for deliverance.