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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Prayer Requests

Tracy, Kyle, Missy, Edith and Bryce all need to know Jesus as their personal Savior
Wisdom and Guidance
Frank and Tamara death of a loved one and wisdom to distribute the trust
Ayva wants to live with her father, mother is an addict
Wilma in the hospital with unresolved health issues
Dolly to receive her strength back after a lengthy health issue
Tori has bronchitis needs healing
Deloris had knee surgery replacement will be rehab at Fountains of Carlota
Steve’s mother is sick and needs to regain her strength
Dennis needs to find work or relocate pray for God to direct his steps
Cynthia needs a bonus, financially strapped
Victor is looking for a job prayer for direction
Rhonda needs car repairs and finances are slim at this point
Spiritual Battles
Isaac and the health for his son

Pray for our Easter Services here at Desert Chapel. At each service we will be having people who know of the Lord, but have never made Him Lord of their life. We are asking you to pray for each of the six service of Easter that God would pour out His Spirit and that loved ones and friends would come to know Jesus as their personal Savior. Call out in prayer for those who live all over this valley, that they would come to Desert Chapel on Easter Sunday to worship.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March 6, 2012 Prayer Requests

                Marian: Private duty nurse needs work.
                John: Needs work has been looking for a long time
                Tim: needs to have the Lord direct his path to find a job.
                Lee: had his first chemo treatment today pray for healing
                Zane: torn ligaments in her knee
                Patti: Liver problems pray for healing
                Bill: having problems with his throat
                Judie: cancer of the lungs and liver pray for healing
                Dollie: that she would receive her strength back
                Dawn: breathing problems and financial
                Robert: having eye surgery and possible back surgery
                Joe: pray for healing health needs
                Ray: bleeding needs to find location and get it stopped
                Jody’s Aunt: blood clots in each lung pray that they will be dissolved
Fellowship of be leavers
                Robert to come back to Christ
Deliverance from bondage
                Allen: deliverance from alcoholism
                Edith: drug addiction
                Vanessa, Chanel,
Wilma :loss of her husband
Alexandria: that the peace of God would pour out upon her life
Bobbie: marriage problems

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sunday Morning

The Sunday morning sermon audio is now available at our web site www.desertchapel.org

Prayer Requests for February 29, 2012

A number of years ago, you and I were given a first name. That name has special meaning to you and your parents, but you were born into the family of ___________________ (you fill in the blank). As part of that family you receive the full benefits of ownership. So it is with God, you have been born into His family by the shed blood of Christ on the cross. Today take advantage of your benefits and empower the work of the Holy Spirit in your life and receive what Christ has for you.
Lana: had a growth removed and the Doctors are requiring the wound to heal without surgical closing
Jerry and Linda: their daughter has ALS disease pray for healing
Michelle: has been diagnosed with cancer pray for healing and sustaining strength during the battle
Harriet: still recovering from her stay in the hospital, pray for strength

Edith: is addicted to Drugs, pray for deliverance and that satan would lose his hold on her

Anthony: lives in a group home, pray for God’s blessing and protection over all of them.

Cindy: is expecting in March pray for a healthy baby