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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Prayer Requests for May 30, 2012

Today as you lift our church prayer request before the Lord pray the Armor of God over you and your family.  Each and every day satan comes to kill, steal, and to destroy God’s people. Would it not be just like him to attach a fear, a disease, and a burden that someone else is carrying on to you our prayer warriors? We are God’s people called to pray, called to hold up the arms of those who are weak, so the battle can be won.

Prayer Requests
Cheyenne : Healing for spinal meningitis
Deno: need 5 shunts placed in his arteries
Alex: In trauma ICU
Helen: complications from Parkinson’s disease
Christopher: mental breakdown
Tory: Open heart Surgery
Terry: Having a medical procedure today, Pray for the doctors and recovery

Samuel: Asking for wisdom as God direction

Dawn: Needs deliverance from addictions

Pray for all our Graduating Seniors as they head off to College and begin working
Johnny: Looking to God for Guidance

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Prayer Requests for May 23, 2012

Kyle: has bleeding on the brain                                                                 
Aurora: Stenosis of the spine
Gina: Muscle spasms                                                                                     
Scott: Cancer
Dionicia: healing in her legs                                                                         
Lisa: Health is poor asking for strength
Julia: Breast Cancer                                                                                        
Tracy: Lung Cancer
Barbara: Back and Hip Pain                                                                          
Claire: unknown mass on Pancreases
Cicliea: Cancer                                                                                                  
Tara: Numerous health issues
Alex: In the hospital due to head injury                                                
Wilfred: cancer
Sid: Cancer                                                                                                         
David: deliverance from demonic activity, mental health issues

Family Issues
Carlene: Family Issues

Medical Test taking Place
Dick: Having tests on Friday 5/25
Paula: Mammogram
Heather: Looking for a job in Psychology                                                              
Don: Lord’s direction on finding a job
Robinson: That God would provide a job and a car

Rodolfo, Edith,
Jami: many things have been going on in her life pray for God’s intervention
Joni: Relationship with her parents

Friday, May 18, 2012

Prayer Requests May 17, 2012

What a great day we have in the Lord. The parables of the Lost Son, The Lost Coin, and the Lost Sheep all three hold a common thread. People were affected by loss, each were affected by the need of intervention by God, and each one received restoration from what was taken. Today satan is in the business of taking what doesn’t belong to him. We are coming before the LORD restoring in the spirit what was taken and relying on HIM to restore both spiritually and physically. Yes it is a great day in the Lord. Praise Him, dance before Him, sing to Him
Gary: Today is going in for surgery on his back. Pray for the doctors and complete recovery

Tracy: Received a report of cancer. Pray for healing over her body

Stephanie: Had a grand mal seizure pray for healing

Lisie: needs unspoken healing over her body

Bill: mental health issues

Cohen: 3 years old and has tumors on his kidneys. Pray for healing.

Spiritual Growth
Donna: is asking for a vibrant relationship with Christ.

John: is still in need of steady employment

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Prayer Request for May 10, 2012

It’s time to pray, satan has chosen a few to single out and attack. It is his plan to destroy, but as a child of the Almight God I declare the words that Moses declared as the children of Israel stood in fear before they crossed over the Red Sea and were delivered. “Stand and see the salvation of the Lord.” Ex 14:13

Colleen: Colleen broke her leg in a fall, pray for complete healing

Rachel: Doctors are seeing the systems of Spiral meningitis, pray for wisdom and complete healing.

Judi: Battling daily flu systems

Mary: Going in for surgery 

Bill: Strength for daily activities 

Duane: Diagnoised with diabetes and has received notice he has cataracts in both eyes
Howard: Infection

Karen Pritchett’s mother -in -law’s friend Jody (80 years old)  recently diagnosed with lung and brain cancer, appears advanced; Karen said it doesn’t look good.  Also, Jody has a mass on her larynx which inhibits her speech and swallowing.   Her son Skip and daughter-in-law and friends are devastated about the news.  Please pray for strength and mercy and acceptance is their request.   Jody knows the Lord. 

Family lost their 42 year old mother leaving three children and a husband

Don: strength and wisdom from spiritual battles

Several request this week for marriage issues, Pray for all those who have come in, that God would be the center of their marriage .

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Prayer Requests, May 1, 2012

This week is National Day of Prayer. Remember those who are in authority over our country as you prayer and fast this week.   

If your schedule permits our church sanctuary will be open 
from  8 am – 4 pm on Thursday for prayer.

Surgery this week
                Rosemary: removal of a sist.
                Nancy: Knee replacement
                Stephen: Cancer
                Lenora: problems with health
                Donna: Surgery recovery
Strength and Wisdom
                Tracee, Nicole, Travis,
                Erica: loss of grandparents
                Thelma: Brother not well
                Edith: has an addiction problem