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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 19, 2012 Prayer Requests

Lord, today we come before you, humbly bowing, not as an unclean beggar looking for crumbs that have fallen from your table, but we are your children, washed white as snow, by your blood sacrificed for my sins. And as we bow our voices cry out Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty. Our tears wash your feet, because our hearts are heavy with the needs of loved ones and we realize it is you who changes lives of those we love, it is you who speaks healing, it is you who reaches down and makes eyes see, it is you who determines surgeries are unneeded because you intervened. And Father as we move from your feet, to complete our day’s task we know you love us and have heard our cry for help.

Maria:  tumor removed from her optic nerve, but no sight pray for her sight to be restored
Rachel: accident lacerated liver
Deloris Busk  son in law:  Is going in for brain surgery for the third time.
Emily:  Unspoken
Ramon: strength in his walk with the Lord
Gary: Blood loss
Margaret: battling additions
Brittany: pray for her family,
Ricardo and Paul: Salvation
Jamie: Prayer for strength
Tanya for employment
Valerie: Severe abdominal pain

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Prayer Requests for June 12, 2012

Pastor asks on Sunday how many of us would like a miracle. Hands from all over the sanctuary were raised, but with each miracle there is an admittance of a problem he went on to say. Problems come in all shapes and sizes, but our God comes in one size and it’s big. He is big enough for each and every need we bring to Him. So don’t be frightened or moved to negativity. Our God can do exceeding above and beyond anything we could ask or think. So agree with me as we lift up our brothers and sister to the Lord for completeness in their needs.

In the Hospital
Maria 5 years old, optic nerve tumor
Ty: gall bladder surgery
Michele: Gall Bladder Surgery
Jonathan: Stomach surgery
Mark: Stunt placed in arteries of heart
Paul: In the hospital for unknown loss of blood
Colleen Lump in breast

Dennis,   John, 

Spiritual Growth
Gene: that he would grow stronger as a new believer

Drug and Alcohol Deliverance
Edith: Drug addiction
Jon: Alcohol

Mary Ann:  Her cancer has returned pray for renewal of health
Guadalupe: Stage 4 stomach cancer

Pray for those in authority over our country
Unspoken Family members who do not know Jesus as personal Saviour
Jason relationship with family and mental wellness