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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 29, 2013 Prayer Requests

James 5:16b “The earnest prayer of a righteous person has a great power and produces wonderful results.”

Bill – infection gone from left toe!
Buddy – released from the hospital!
Melinda – healed of Melanoma!
Nadine – home from hospital!
Dawn – healed from breathing problems!
Roxanna – right leg tendon is 90% healed!

Physical  Needs:
Evelyn – had a heart attack & needs open heart surgery
Judy –  rehabilitatation on right arm injury
Janette – prayers for 93 year old
Ernie – his neighbor has cancer
Evelyn – prayers concerning assisted living
Lynn – in hospital & on life supports
Carole – taken to hospital with chest pains
Mary – prayers for strength and healing of broken wrist
Ernie – high blood pressure
Dolores – undergoing surgery on January 31
Ed – Dolores’ husband (92 yrs. old), needs much prayer
Nadeen – hospitalized for COPD
Holli – pain in all her joints
Glenna - high blood pressure
Fran & husband – both have been sick
Sharon – surgery Thursday, prayers for a quick recovery
Carol – starting chemo this week
Christine – needs healing from Lupus, fever, and pain in joints
Buddy –  needs healing from high blood sugar, lung infection;  and for a positive outcome from biopsy
                 (lump in lower back), and knee surgery
Aria – healing from sore throat, dementia problems
Pastor Serneiu (4-square church in LA) – critical condition due to a car accident
Blain – prayers for healing from brain cancer
 Dolly – continued prayer left wrist; overall health
Bill – continued prayer for left toe to completely heal

Miscellaneous Needs:
Charlene – work issues, needs positive reinforcement
Yolanda – total commitment to the Lord
Bill – wisdom to deal with family matters (mother, brother, sister-in-law)
Cheryl – attacks from the enemy; family conflicts and stress
Michelle – emotional strength (mother passed), forgiveness issues with her brother  regarding
                 the distribution of the estate
Daniel – increased hours at work
Janice – needs an increase in her finances and a deliverance from spending
Jordan – to be clean & sober, and to be surrounded by positive people of good influence
Paul – needs to sell his house
Roxanna – unspoken prayers for 4 far away relatives
Edith – continued prayers to change her involvement with drugs; also been missing for three weeks
Nellie – experiencing much anxiety, prayers for God’s peace
Dawn & family – car caught on fire & son was in the car; now need a miracle with their finances for
new car and medical expenses
Jessie – 22 years old and in prison; pray for salvation, protection, and the Lord’s love
Tracee, Bryce, Kasey, Kyle, Travis & Nicole – prayers for salvation
Lisa – prayers for restoration of marriage and family
Carlos – prayers that he will start communicating with his family
Darwin – experiencing much stress on his job;
Damaine  - prayers for God to help her in school
Cheryl – family is now reunited; prayers to establish roots here & for them to seek God’s will in their
J. & M. – prayers for healing & for a  healthy relationship (honor, respect, and compassion)
Matt and Michael – help them both to forgive

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Prayer Requests for the Week of Jan. 21, 2013

1 Samuel 2:2    There is none like the Lord; there is none beside You; there is no rock like our God.”

Dave – went to heaven and is no longer suffering!
Issac – accepted the Lord as his Savior!
Mariana – accepted the Lord as her Savior!
Dolly – back in church!

Carol – continued prayer for cancer treatments
]eri – continued prayer for cancer treatments
Sharon – continued prayer for overall health
Christina – request clear report for upcoming cat scan on Wednesday
JR – prayer for overall health
Jesse – prayer for overall health
Luis –prayer for the stronghold of addiction to be broken, also for throat infection
June – healing of right knee –no more pain
Dolly – healing of lump in left wrist
Erik – healing of pain in muscles of right forearm and upper arm
Donna – healing of her baby
Charlene – pray for favorable outcome regarding foreclosure
Norm & Evelyn – favorable outcome regarding addition business space
Sandy – strength, courage, wisdom in her care giving of others
Bill & Susie – strength and comfort regarding loss of family member
Issac – prayer for mental clarity,  emotional stability, and spiritual growth
Marianna – prayer for family and spiritual growth
Daniel – needs more work at the shop in his department
Janice – seeking direction from God concerning ways to serve Him

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Prayer Requests January 8, 2013

2 Chronicles 16:11  “Seek the Lord and His strength; seek His presence continually!”
Pastor Fred – healed from a bad cold!
Lester -  healed from a bad cold!
Catherine  - healed from a bad cold!
Cheryl - healing from a burst blood vessel  in eye & CT scan!
Janice -  under went a double mastectomy Dec. 20th…..found cancer free!
Special person – 2013 will be a great year for her!

Physical  Needs:
Sharon – positive test result from doctor
Edith – continued prayer for involvement with drugs
David – smooth transition to Heaven
Ana – smooth transition to Heaven
Bill – wisdom, strength, insight, perseverance, and courage with family health care
Carol – surgery to remove a lump
Irv – prayers for full recovery
Blanca – surgery on left knee
Dolly – prayers for overall health
Frank – quick healing from the flu
Dot – healing of goiter in throat
Bill  - dealing with his gall bladder
June – right knee pain
Joanne – had a fall and is sore all over
Sophie – right knee weakness and pain
Gary – quick healing from cold
Ruth – healing of right eye
Josh – cyst in right wrist
Jean – prayers for overall health
Eva – stomach issues
Jamie – fighting cancer, prayers also for the family
Rose – dealing w/ cancer, pray for healing & strength;  prayers also for the family
Jack – heading to Seattle, WA for 2 surgeries = Mon. on arm, Tues. on back
Tina – has stage 4 cancer
Roxanna – ruptured right tendon; traveling to India Dec.26 – Jan. 14.
Cele – fighting cancer
Kim – fighting cancer
Dawn – in the hospitals w/ lung problems, needs healing

Charlene – dealing with foreclosure
Gina – spiritual strength
Mark – prayers for his eyes to be opened to the Lord, and to stop with criticism
Prudence – easy transition in living arrangements
Earlene – prayers for her to do well on written driver’s test
Romaine – for him to do well in his school work
Vincent – dealing with drugs and homelessness; prayers  needed
Mary – eligibility for a paid internship to be reinstated; income is critical to move out of debt
Heather – to experience a move of the Holy Spirit in her life; more love & more joy
Earlene – special unspoken
Cheryl – to have God’s perspective on things