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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Prayer Request March 19 & 20

Lindsey, 25, accidentally fell six floors from a stairwell at a hostel in Spain.  She is in critical condition, but the doctors say it is a miracle she is alive.  Although she has several broken bones
miraculously her back and neck are ok.  

Please lift up the missionaries with her from her home church in St.
Louis to:
help with translation at the hospital
be of comfort to her

Edith – accepted the Lord!
Patricia & Ruth – mother and daughter relationship healed!
Don & Shawna – safely returned home!
Mia – met a Christian man @ church!
John – released from hospital (dehydration)!
Chucky – released from hospital after car accident!
Matt – 17 yr. old that’s been rebellious; he’s getting a job & is beginning to be responsible!

***DESERT CHAPEL CHURCH  EASTER SERVICES Pray for all 6 Easter Services – Pray that people will come with open, sensitive, and receptive hearts to the Gospel message!

Miscellaneous Requests:
Mia -  prayer for job change into physical therapy versus office work
Kimi – prayer for a permanent place to live
Susie – continued prayer for forgiveness issues
Roshell – prayers for money issues & babysitting
Ashley – to follow Jesus
Mya – difficultly in her job - dealing with continual criticism for 2 more weeks; has an upcoming job
Interview for a different department; pray for God’s will
Bea & Family – pray for comfort & strength due to the loss of their husband & father
Matt & Michael – pray for forgiveness to grow
Karen – needs a job
Caitlen & Steve – praying for a teaching job this fall
Carlene & Darwin – pray for their relationship; pray for honesty, faithfulness, and God’s blessings
Tim & Travis – both need jobs
Tracee, Kyle, Kasey, and Bryce – for salvations
Physical Requests:
Dolly  - prayer for healing of a urinary tract infection
Connie – continued healing from gall bladder surgery
Frank – prayer for healing of sinus
Carol - diagnosed with colon disease; prayer for a miracle healing
Holly – prayer for healing of constant joint pain
Robert – prayer for healing of broken back (car accident)
Karin – prayer for healing of neck, shoulder, arm, and lower back
Carol – prayer for healing from brain tumor surgery
Nancy – prayer for healing of serious tooth infection
Kristi – prayer for healing from leukemia
Tyson – healing of fractured wrist
Alex – healing from a stabbing
Greg – healing from a skateboard accident
Rod – prayer for healing from congestive heart failure & diabetes
Unspecific Requests for Prayer:
Nani, David, DJ, Linda, Colbert, Mario


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Prayer Requests, March 12, 2013

Matthew 10:27  “But Jesus looked at them and said, “With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible.”’

Christina – fever broken and blister in throat gone!
Jessie Mae – successful minor surgery!
Matthew – healed from fever and cold sympotoms!
Don – successful hip surgery!

Physical Needs:
Betty – prayer for healing from infection on her arm
Chucky – prayer for healing of broken collar bone, ribs, and bleeding from ear/car accident
Babe – under hospice care, prayer for smooth transition to heaven
Dolly -  prayer for overall health
Sharon  - prayer for successful biopsy (with no disease)
Carol – emergency surgery
Jon – prayers for healing in body and strength
Matt – prayers for his body’s health (just put on vitamin program); and for recent job interview
Carla – in much pain from broken ribs; also prayers needed for her bulimia
Anne – prayers for Shingles, needs strength in her legs
Donna – prayers for upcoming surgery on March 14th
Kaiya   (8 yr. old) – prayers for her mom who is having seizures
Kaitlin – diagnosed with ovarian cancer
Nancy – she had a stroke and is not getting better; please pray
Claire – she’s in a convalescent home; pray for healing in her body

Miscellaneous Needs:
Susie – prayer for strength to continue commitment to the Lord
Robert – prayer for his salvation
Barbara – prayer for strength while moving her parents
Gloria – needs a financial miracle (sale of house)
Darwin – to be faithful in an important relationship; also having problems at work (pray for peace)
Darlene – prayers for her to be accepted in low income housing program; also that she can pass her
                      driving test
Karen – prayers for her to get a job
Debbie – needs health insurance; wisdom & guidance; lonely w/out her family who are back home
Special person – many challenges in her job (job position is being changed), pray for God’s will

Friday, March 8, 2013

Prayer Update - March 8, 2013

Praise Reports

JesseMae: Doing well after minor surgery
Carlyle: Recovering well after knee replacement
Deborah: Home and recovering well from a Hip replacement

Sometimes praise reports are sprinkled with tears. Our prayers are with Jody and her family at the home going of her father Ray. On Wednesday night Ray entered heaven and now is with his Lord he loves so much.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Prayer Requests for March 6, 2013

Praise Report
Ruth:     Healed from Flu
Dave:    MRI showed no pinched nerve  Praise the Lord
Bill:       Successful back surgery

Prayer Requests
Norm:                   Pray for comfort and peace (mother passed away)
Julie:                      Pray for healing flu and cold
Sharon:                                Pray for strength and healing of her body
Carol:                    Pray for healing of cancer
Betty:                    Pray for healing of her left arm recent fall
Wendy and Tom:             Pray for father to be healed of a heart attack
                                                Pray for work environment
Catherine:                           Pray for healing due to accident
Amy:                     Pray for emotional and physical strength; peace as she looks for job; stronghold of addition to be broken; new commitment in Jesus
Melissa:               Pray for healing from fever
Eric:                        Pray for healing of brain injuries sustained in car accident
Nicolette:            Pray for a job and her financial needs. Pray for emotional and physical strength
Connie:                                Pray for her adopted daughter to accept Jesus as personal Lord and Savior.
                                Reconciliation between mother and daughter
                                Protection of granddaughter
John:                     Pray for healing of Kidney stones
Mike and Evangeline:     Pray for Philippine ministry; Financial favor, and new creation science training
John:                     Healing from melanoma
Kody:                    Job problems
Ron:                       Healing from cancer
Deborah:             Prayer for healing of Hip replacement
Bill:                         Lung congestion and weakness
Bea:       Pray for comfort lost her husband in February
Rick:       Pray for family restoration
Paula:    Lost three nephews in two months
Mark:    Directions of his life
Darwin:                Job stress and relationship with his brother.
Larry:     Kidney function decrease

Paul - 2 bladder tumors requiring surgery and biopsy
Pam - having intestinal surgery today at Loma Linda