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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Prayer Requests, April 9, 2013

Praise Report
263 people accepted Jesus as their personal Savior during our Easter Services
Rick – successful sale of business
Paul – successful outpatient surgery
Jesse – successful dental surgery
Janice – Praise God for results from surgery

Praying for loved one to Know Jesus
Marley – Carol – Charles – Francis – Rhonda – Tracee – Bryce – Kyle – Kasey - Julie

Prayer for healing
Paul – Pray for successful bladder surgery
Kyleah – Prayer for healing and no infection in cut in her leg
Bud – Praying for overall physical healing
Patti – Praying for healing in her right knee
Carole – Continue to pray for healing of a broken back
Rhonda – Praying for healing for bursitis in hips and knees
Charles – Praying for healing from Kidney cancer
Barbara – Praying to break the stronghold of self destruction
Tricia – Praying for healing of brain cancer
Dolly – Prayer for overall strength
Steve/Christina – Pray for growth in their business
Cheyenne – Pray for healing of an abnormal heart murmur
Sebastian – Collapsed Lung
Neil – Prayer for healing of blood clots
Julian – Prayer for healing of high blood pleasure
Beth - Prayer for healing of lower back, knees, and legs
Elena – Prayer for healing of neck and back (Broken Vertebrae)
John – Prayer for positive test results regarding headaches
Bud – Prayer for overall physical healing
Francis – Pray for healing of a broken back
Mary – Healing for cancer
Paul – Stomach problems
Aurora – Shoulder and neck problems
Rebecca – pray for healing from a fall
Diane – Cancer
Charlene -  Healing of scaring of her lungs
Jack – Very sick in Canada pray for healing
Glenna – pain in abdomen pray against cancer
Lindsey – fall from a six story building pray for healing
Nicole – discovered a mass in her gall bladder pray against cancer
Janice – recovery from surgery Pray the tumor was not cancerous
Michael – Healing from his seizures
Elizabeth – Brain cancer
Martin – suffering from cancer for 12 years. Pray for his relationship with the Lord and suffering to end
Harvey – remission from cancer                  
Rick – removal of growths from throat and lungs
Rose – healing and strength from cancer

Praying for Forgiveness and Relationship Issues
Belinda – Pray for forgiveness issues
Barbara – Praying for strength and encouragement
Brett/Christine – praying for their relationship together
Linda – Pray against depression
Tim – Prayer for his son as he and his wife move up north
Edith – has not contacted her mother for months Pray for the relationship
Darwin – His relationship with his girlfriend
Eugene – Pray for his anger issues, and his marriage
Joy – restoration of marriage and family
Haley, Cassidy, and Thomas – Family relationships
Jay – less stress and wisdom to make right choices
Joshua – for him and his wife to forgive each other

Praying for Employment
Travis – Tim – John

Misc Prayer Requests
Jeff – Praying for God’s Blessing as he moves to a new home
Paula’s Sister – God’s grace as she has congestive heart failure
Jason – deliverance from drug addiction
Damaine – Good grades in school
Tiwahna – Good grades in school
Roshell – in need of child care for her two children